Browser Recording: How to Record Every Browser Session on Your Site

Browser Recording: How to Record Every Browser Session on Your Site

It’s no secret that there’s value in knowing more about your customers.

From their contact information, all the way to their purchasing habits.

But, what if you could take it a step further and see exactly how your customers are interacting with your website? Both the ones who convert and the ones who don’t.

Here’s where browser recording (also known as session recording) can help. Let’s break it all down.

What is Browser Recording?

Browser recording allows you to record the browser screen of every one of your website visitors. This feature will allow you to see how your customers interact with your website.

For example, you could see a video playback of what customers do once they arrive at your homepage. Or what customers do once they have added a product to their cart.

The true value of browser recording comes when these recordings are used to make optimization decisions.

For example, the recordings might show that a specific webpage on your site is laid out in a confusing way. You can then use this knowledge to improve the design of this page and increase its conversion rate, increasing revenue even further.

Browser Recording for Customer Support

The value of browser recording doesn’t end there. This feature can be used for more than just marketing optimizations.

With the right session recording tool, you can use these recordings to provide better customer support to your users. Imagine being able to see exactly what your customer sees on your site while assisting them with any issues they might have. All done without remote software or having to connect to their device.

This process can effectively increase the quality of your customer support efforts and help you close support tickets faster.

After all, there are several ways in which providing good customer support can increase your company’s revenue.

Super-Powered Session Recording: CRM Integration

Even more value can be unlocked from session recordings when you combine them with a fully-featured CRM platform.

Picture this: a portal where you can easily see a customer’s session recordings plus all their information such as contact info, their previous orders, current subscriptions and more.

Imagine having all this data integrated into a CRM and communications platform where you can easily chat or email with your customer while viewing this data.

These integrated features can super-charge both your sales and customer support efforts.

In fact, Moment, our fully-featured CRM platform provides this powerful integration of session recordings with CRM features.

Setting up Session Recordings with Moment

The best part is that setting up session recordings on your website is incredibly simple.

With Moment, you just need to setup a free account, add a snippet of code to your website and you’ll be recording browser sessions right away.

The Setup Process

Start by creating a free account with Moment. Once you have confirmed your email, you can start creating a team.

Choose a team name, ID and color. We recommend using your company name and a color that fits your company’s brand.

Lastly, you’ll be asked which features you’d like to use. Click “Yes” for “Moment Monitoring”. Here you can also opt-in for Live Chat support from Moment.

If you’re interested, read our guide on how to add live chat to your site with Moment.

Get the Snippet

Once you’ve set up your team and have chosen your features, you will be given a code snippet for your website.

Moment will start working and recording sessions once you add this code to the head tag of your website.

If you do not know how to do this, you can forward the snippet to your webmaster for installation.

Closing thoughts

Recording your customer’s website session can open up many avenues to optimize the way your business operates.

After all, the more you know about your customers, the better the service and support you can offer them. And a happy customer is always more likely to come back and purchase from your business again later on.