What are Session Recordings (Session Replays)? And How to Start Collecting Them For Free!

What are Session Recordings (Session Replays)? And How to Start Collecting Them For Free!

Customer data can be incredibly valuable for your business.

As a result, you might be already be collecting data such as contact information, purchase history and more.

But what about data on the ways that your customers interact with your website?

Session Recordings can help you unlock the value of this data. However, most business owners and marketers don't understand what exactly session recordings are and how beneficial they can be.

Today, we'll discuss what are session recordings, how they can benefit your company, and how you can install a session recording software for free!

Let's get started.

What are Session Recordings (Session replays)?

Session recordings, or also known as session replays, are essentially recordings of your users screen that begin when they visit your website and end when they leave it.

Session recording example - Moment

Best of all, they are also very easy to collect. There’s no need to have your users download any kind of applications and it works both on their computers and smartphones.

All you have to do is add a snippet of code to your website to start collecting Session recordings. More on this later.

Why you should use Session Recordings

So what’s the point of collecting Session recordings?

Let’s break down the benefits of Session recordings and how they can help your business.

There are many benefits to using session recordings like:

  • Improve your marketing
  • Improve your products
  • Recover website revenue

It can improve your Marketing

Improving the ROI of your marketing campaigns should be one of your top priorities.

If you can see how your website visitors are interacting with your site, you can improve the design of your landing pages.

As a result, you’d be able to increase your conversion rates on marketing landing pages and increase your marketing ROI.

It can improve your Products

A similar approach can be applied to product development.

Session recordings can also be implemented into web apps to generate insight on how your customers are using your product.

This way, you can directly identify UX/UI issues, bugs and more without relying on direct feedback from customers or expensive customer behavior research.

Session recordings can essentially work as free user testing for your product.

It can help you recover website revenue

The same approach can also be applied to web development.

Session recordings can help you identify website issues or errors without the need of user reports.

In the case of eCommerce websites, this can represent a huge saving in lost revenue due checkout errors.

How to add Session Recordings to your website

As we mentioned earlier, Session recordings are incredibly easy to implement on your website or web app.

Installing it is as easy as adding a snippet of code to the <head> tag in your website’s HTML code and can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a new team on Moment
  2. Create a Free Moment Account and Verify Your Email
  3. Copy and Paste the Code Snippet in the <head> Tag of Your Website

Choosing a Session Recording tool

The first thing you'll need to choose is a session recording tool to implement. While there are a handful of options for session recordings we think you'll enjoy Moment!

In fact, using Moment, our fully features CRM platform with Session recordings integrations, you can start collecting Session replays right away and for free. It also comes with a live chat so you can connect with your customers right away.

Register to Moment for Free

1. Create a new team on Moment

In Moment, creating an account is free and does not require a credit card or method of payment.

Create a team on moment for session recording

To start you'll need to create a new team on Moment, we recommend using your company's name.

2. Create a Free Moment Account and Verify Your Email

You'll be taken to this page where you will need to create an account and confirm your email address.

Create a new

3. Copy and Paste the Code Snippet in the <head> Tag of Your Website

After setting up your team, you'll be taken to this page

Moment session recording

Click on the blue install button, Moment will provide you with a code snippet to install on your site. If you do not know how to do this, you can forward it to your webmaster. Simply copy and paste this code into your <head> tag

You will also be given the option to enable a live chat tool. This feature will allow you to have a live chat on your website, allowing you to interact with customers that come to your website. This feature is fully optional.

Closing Thoughts

After installing Moment on your website, you will start collecting Session recordings automatically.

You can then start unlocking the value of this customer data and start improving your marketing, product and website.

If you run into any issues during your moment setup. Contact us via the live chat on our website and we’ll be happy to assist you.