What is Customer Empowerment?

What is Customer Empowerment?

The way businesses engage with customers keeps on changing and evolving.

One of the many ways in which businesses engage their customers is through Customer Empowerment. This strategy often results in increased customer loyalty and higher customer success metrics.

But wait a minute. What is Customer Empowerment in the first place?

And how does it impact your business?

Let’s break it all down.

What is Customer Empowerment?

Customer Empowerment is a set of practices and strategies that seek to help your customers achieve success on their own.

Furthermore, it also seeks to create a feeling of importance in the customer. This mostly happens by letting the customer’s feedback have a transparent impact on company decisions.

When your business helps customers achieve success and make better decisions, your customers become more loyal and start advocating for your business.

Customer Empowerment Definition

Why is customer empowerment important

Customer empowerment is important because it creates customer loyalty and drives customer success.

It is also important because it allows customers to feel that their feedback matters and makes them feel important.

This, in turn, encourages customers to keep using your product or service and even recommend it to others.

In fact, a study shows that customers are happier with a company when the make efforts to empower them

How Empowerment plays into Customer Success and Loyalty

Now, if you know the basics of Customer Success and Customer Loyalty, Customer Empowerment might sound really similar.

In reality, Customer Empowerment is just one of the many strategies that can help you achieve your Customer Success and Customer Loyalty goals.

And with increased Customer Success and Loyalty, also comes increased customer retention, recurring revenue and much more.

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Examples of customer empowerment

The way businesses can empower their customers varies from industry to industry.

However, in most cases your Customer Empowerment strategies will look like one of these:

  • Self-Service Customer Support
  • Self-Service Customer Success Tools and Education
  • Customer Reviews and Feedback collection
  • Transparency Reports
  • Customer Onboarding Processes

Do keep in mind that what will work for some businesses might not work for others. As a result, you will have to take on Customer Empowerment strategies that can exist in the content of your business.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know what Customer Empowerment is and how it can impact your business, it’s time to plan out your Customer Empowerment strategy.

How will you empower your customers?