Why You Should Offer Customer Service Chat Transcripts

Why You Should Offer Customer Service Chat Transcripts

How useful are customer service chat transcripts?

Can they be helpful for your customers?

Let’s discuss the specifics of chat transcripts and how they can help your business.

Using Live Chat for Customer Support

Let’s start with the basics. After all, you might not be using live chat for customer support yet.

Using live chat for customer support is becoming increasingly common. Not only does it increase the efficiency of your support team, but it can also be a revenue driver for your business.

It might sound intimidating, but adding a live chat to your website is actually way easier than it seems.

We have actually written a few guides to help you integrate live chat into your customer support process:

What are Customer Support Chat Transcripts?

So what are chat transcripts? The best way to explain these is via example.

Picture this scenario: a user visits your website and starts a live chat conversation with your support team. In order to start the conversation, the user is asked to provide their email address.

The user is then able to start their live chat session as normal. The support rep helps the user through their concerns and ends the session after finding a resolution.

A few minutes after, the user receives an email copy of all the messages that were sent and received during their live chat sessions. This would be their customer support chat transcript.

Why you should offer Chat Transcripts

Why you should offer chat transcripts

Your users can now check your customer support chat transcript in their email at any time. This comes with a few benefits:

  • Your customer can now refer to specific details or instructions given by the support team at any time
  • This reduces repeat requests from the same user, therefore increasing efficiency
  • Chat transcripts encourage users to provide you with their email address
  • This then creates opportunities for email marketing, custom audiences and more.

At first, the benefits of providing chat transcripts to your users seem simple. But they can snowball into marketing opportunities that can have a significant impact on your customer revenue.

How to offer Chat Transcripts to your users

Offering chat transcripts to your users is easier than it seems. In fact, it is considered to be a standard feature for most modern CRMs.

We obviously recommend Moment, our fully featured CRM platform with live chat features (which includes automatic chat transcripts). Best of all, we offer a free plan that includes all the features discusses in this article.

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