Why Your Business Should Combine CX and EX

Why Your Business Should Combine CX and EX

Having happy customers and employees is the top priority of any business. Companies invest millions of dollars into their Customer Experience (CX) but may forget the importance of their Employee Experience (EX). When a customer or client gives positive feedback about their experience with your business, they are really talking about your employees as a whole. If a customer or client is satisfied with your product or service, then the employees working behind the scenes are the ones being complimented. For example, if your website is complimented for being efficient, loading fast and having CTA’s easily accessible, it is a testament to the employees that have optimized the landing page with strategies such as A/B testing.

Therefore, we can see CX and EX having a direct relationship with each other, and often complement each other. The better experience a customer has, the happier and more motivated the employees will be!

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of CX and EX, how combining the two will help your business, how to actually combine them, and how Moment, our free CRM, can help!

Importance of CX and EX

Customer experience directly affects your company’s performance. Businesses with optimal CX have 17% more loyalty and 11% more profitability than other companies. Having a highly engaged customer base is directly proportional to your EX as well. In fact, businesses with optimized EX, such as more motivated and engaged employees, increase profitability by at least 21%. The more motivated your employees are, the better they will serve customers and will thus be happier doing their job. Improving your CX and EX together will further solidify this positivity loop to further increase your profits, engagement and positive testimonials.

There are many ways to improve your CX. Having a free cloud CRM, such as Moment, is the best way to start providing the best customer service and experience possible. We will discuss how Moment can help your business improve its CX and EX throughout this blog post!

How Does Combining CX and EX Help Your Business?

As discussed, CX and EX are directly proportional to each other. They complement each other in a positive way. The better your EX, or employee's experience, the better their output will be. Improved output can benefit customers in a number of ways, such as better customer service, and improved products or updates. By providing optimal products to your customers, you will win their trust and will retain your customers for a longer period of time. When customers provide better feedback to your employees it will keep your employees engaged to improve their work further.

Another variable we can include is your Customer Acquisition Cost or CAC. The better your CX and EX relationship, the lower your CAC will be. By having highly optimized products and motivated employees, you will convert more website visitors into customers.

Finally, did you know disengaged employees cost businesses over $450 billion dollars every year? Therefore, improving your CX and EX together is vital for any serious company. Combining your CX and EX efforts will allow your business to keep up with rising customer demands. You will also increase your sales as discussed earlier, as CX and EX directly improve profitability. Finally, you will turn over fewer employees by having improved employee engagement and thriving company culture.

How to Combine Your CX and EX

Firstly, you must track your CX and EX metrics in order to be able to build a better relationship between them. By using Moment’s unified inbox, you can track and assign customer messages seamlessly, which makes it easier to connect your CX and EX. By rewarding your support team when they quickly respond to customer inquiries, you will increase the customer experience and employee experience simultaneously. Using Moment’s free live chat is integral for connecting your customers with your employees.

Secondly, you must invest in your CX and EX as a whole. Some businesses focus solely on the customer experience, and forget about their own employees! Many thriving businesses invest millions of dollars into their employee’s development, experience and training. By investing in both your CX and EX, your company will synergistically increase its growth and revenue.

Finally, you can promote a culture of innovation. By nurturing your employee’s curiosity, your employees can be creative, have freedom in their work, and will have a great experience in your company. The more collaborative and innovative your business is, the better your EX will be. This will ultimately improve your CX as well; with new innovative ideas, products and services.

Concluding Thoughts

There is conclusive evidence that CX and EX are directly proportional and are valuable for every business to improve and invest in. Having improved customer satisfaction will give your employees motivation, especially when they are recognized for their efforts. Companies that invest in their CX and EX have increased revenue and profitability compared to those that do not.

You can combine your CX and EX in many ways, namely, tracking your metrics, investing in your CX and EX as a whole, promoting a culture of innovation and finally using a unified CRM.

So how does a CRM help? Using Moment, our free CRM, you will have access to a free live chat that is connected to your team’s unified inbox. This way your team can collaborate on tickets and inquiries while improving the company’s CX. Using Moment’s free session recording you can improve your website and further improve your CX and EX.
To get started with Moment, sign up today for free (no credit card required)!

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