How a CRM Can Help You Handle Customer Complaints

How a CRM Can Help You Handle Customer Complaints

It may be hard to deal with negative feedback, but when it comes to your customer service, strategically handling customer complaints is key. Using a CRM, you can keep track of customer complaints and relationships in general. Using a free cloud CRM, such as Moment, allows you to save important customer details compared to manual methods, such as spreadsheets or written notes. Having a comprehensive CRM will help you provide better customer service, and can even make your business more profitable!

Positive customer experience will bring in more leads and customers, with word-of-mouth and referral marketing. However, negative customer experiences can do the opposite; deter people away from your business. With the rise of the internet, where word spreads quickly, it’s more important than ever to handle customer complaints properly. Your enterprise, medium or small business should have a CRM, to manage customers, their complaints and other details which improve your customer relationship. It is called customer relationship management after all!

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of customer complaints, why you should handle customer complaints, and three ways Moment can help with your customer complaints.

Benefits of Customer Complaints

The best way to improve your business is by taking note of the negative feedback it receives. If all you ever receive is positive feedback, you will not know how your business, product or service can be improved. Collecting negative feedback and properly acting upon it is a great way to improve your customer experience as a whole. Although it pains business owners to see complaints, there is no reason to stress. You can still keep or retain complaining customers if you handle their complaints professionally. If you lose them, you will learn lessons to apply to future situations. By optimizing your business, you can improve your sales funnel, all the way from prospecting leads, closing the sale, and nurturing relationships for long-term retention.

Why You Should Handle Customer Complaints

Handling customer complaints skillfully is the differentiator when it comes to retaining a customer and losing one. You should listen to your customers, apologize, and work towards a solution. There are many benefits of having positive customer testimonials, however, responding to negative reviews and messages is equally important. You may receive negative feedback on product reviews, your Google My Business page, social media posts and even on external websites or forums. By staying active and listening to your dissatisfied customers, you will increase your brand awareness. Empathetically replying to negative feedback posted online shows that your business and brand care about its customers. You can take this a step further and actually solve their problem, or provide them with compensation.

3 Ways Moment Can Help With Complaints

There are many ways a CRM can help your business handle customer complaints. CRM software especially Moment, allows you to build and maintain customer relationships, which improves your customer retention rate. There is a direct relationship between improved customer retention and positive customer experiences. The happier your customers are, the longer they will stay with your business.

Here are three ways Moment can help you handle customer complaints:

1. Organized and Timely Communication

CRM software is designed for maintaining customer relationships, information and communications in a centralized repository. Moment emphasizes the importance of open and organized communication, via unified inboxes. Your whole organization can handle customer support messages and even delegate conversations to specific departments or individuals within the business. With unified communication, your team can handle customer complaints in an organized and efficient manner, especially since speed is everything when it comes to customer service.

Your unified inbox is connected to your website’s free live chat, which is provided by Moment as well. This allows your customers to voice their concerns in real-time, instead of creating tickets or sending messages on a contact form. By having a live chat on your websites, you will improve your customer service experience greatly, and can handle customer complaints much more efficiently. Your free live chat is connected to your Moment team dashboard, where your customer service team can resolve issues within seconds.

2. Analyzing Session Recordings

You might be wondering what a session recording is. Session recording is a free Moment tool that allows you to view a live replay or session of your website visitor or customer. Session recordings are extremely useful as it allows you to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When a customer or prospect complains about something on your website or app, you can use view their session and analyze the recording to see where they’re getting stuck or having issues. This creates a better picture of their complaint and can strategically assist your support team when providing a solution.

You can also improve your website by A/B testing it with session recording. By analyzing how customers or website visitors interact with your website differently in each design change, you can optimize and create the best version of your website. Not only will this improve your customer experience and your conversion rate, but will also reduce the number of future complaints.

3. Keep Track of Complaints

When using a CRM such as Moment, you can add notes to each user’s profile. This is a great way to track complaints a customer makes, and ensures you will not make the same mistake twice. By keeping track of customer complaints, your business will have an opportunity to make vital changes. When multiple customers are complaining about the same thing, you will know where to improve your business, product or service. By improving all facets of your business, you will increase your conversion rate and customer engagement.

Finally, by having notes and keeping track of complaints, you can revisit old conversations and customers to update them. For example, if there was a bug with a certain service, you could reply to customers facing that issue in the future and let them know it’s fixed. You can use Moment’s email marketing tool to send out email and message campaigns to notify multiple customers at once. Using Moment’s marketing campaigns with custom fields, you will save tons of time, while still keeping the communication personal.

Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately, there are many benefits to using cloud CRM software, especially when it comes to customer complaints and overall customer service. CRMs are designed to maintain customer relationships and help build new ones. By providing the best customer experience and support, you can gain high-ticket customers, and retain them; even if they end up voicing less-than-positive feedback.

As discussed, it is important to resolve customer complaints and issues in a timely manner. Moment allows you to provide timely and organized communication, analyze session recordings and even keep track of complaints. Moment’s free tools are a great way to improve your overall customer experience. Unified inboxes, session recording, email marketing and live chat are all included for free with Moment, and will take your business and customer experience to the next level!
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