Why Your Company Must Have a CRM in 2023

Why Your Company Must Have a CRM in 2023

There are hundreds of reasons why your company must have a CRM in 2023. The main reasons are customer service, customer experience and sales, which we will discuss in this article. What is a CRM? Customer Relationship Management systems are central repositories, and often cloud software, which allows your business to easily track, manage and connect with your customers. According to Oracle, some signs you need a CRM are if your sales are lagging, or if your customer service is not good.

The customer landscape is always changing and as time progresses, customers are demanding more. Your customer experience and support should be optimized for the newer demands. We can see this with e-commerce companies. Shipping times are now expected to be within a day or two, a standard set by big companies like Amazon. One way CRMs improve your customer experience and support are by helping you effectively handle customer complaints, as they come with tools to chat, message and email your customers.

In this article, we will discuss if every business needs a CRM, what the cons are if you don't use a CRM in 2023, the future of CRM software, top 2023 CRM trends and how free a CRM such as Moment can make your business more profitable in 2023!

Does Every Business Need a CRM?

Yes, every business should have a CRM, especially in 2023. CRM software help businesses with their customer service, sales, productivity, insights and help increase customer lifetime value (LTV). All businesses should have some sort of CRM in place to convert more website visitors into customers. If your business is not using a CRM, chances are it is not optimized to its fullest potential. Traditional methods of tracking customer details, such as post-it notes and spreadsheets are primitive compared to having a centralized repository, which CRMs are designed for.

When it comes to closing high-ticket customers, CRMs are key, as higher-paying clients often require many interactions and follow-ups before closing a sale. You can easily keep track of these conversations when you have a CRM. In fact, Moment is a free CRM that comes with a free live chat widget, which is connected to your team’s unified inbox. This allows you to interact with website visitors, close more leads in 2023, and help current customers with their questions and issues.

What If My Business Doesn’t Use a CRM in 2023?

There are many risks to your business if you do not use a CRM in 2023. As discussed, CRMs greatly help with customer service, therefore without a CRM, it is much harder to track customer messages and offer the best customer service, and experience possible. CRMs improve the customer experience greatly, which wins customers’ trust and loyalty, increasing their lifetime value and your business’ profits. Without a CRM you will be managing your business and customers inefficiently and have poorer team collaboration. As discussed, with Moment’s unified inbox, you can easily delegate conversations and improve employee collaboration.

Finally, without a CRM in 2023, your business will not be prepared for the current recession. It’s more important than ever to double down on your customer service and experience, retain more customers, and convert more leads into customers. Therefore, not having a CRM in 2023 will greatly reduce your effectiveness and will lag you behind your competitors.

What Is The Future of CRM Software?

There does not seem to be a shortage of CRM software or users. In fact, more businesses are using CRMs than ever, as the buyers have all the power in 2023. Remaining competitive in this buyer-focused landscape means your business must have its customer relationships at the forefront of its efforts. CRMs improve customer retention, which means reduced churn and the need for gaining more leads at a faster rate.

CRMs are extremely important for B2B sales, as they often require more follow-up than regular eCommerce businesses. CRMs continue to improve with AI features, are compatible with social media and come with more tools than ever. For example, Moment comes with free session recording, which gives you a live replay of your lead and customer interactions on your web pages. With these session recordings, you can A/B test your website and make sure it converts better than your competitors. With the recordings, you can also track how your leads are converting into customers.

Top 2023 CRM Trends

#1 - AI Assistance
Artificial intelligence will be a huge part of CRM software in 2023 and will make businesses more productive than ever. Chatbots are already being used to assist customers, with minimal use of support agents. However, it’s important to still have a human to help customers, as AI assistance can become annoying when it cannot directly answer a question.

#2 - Better CX Tools
Companies and marketers are becoming more aware of the importance of investing in CX, and therefore CRM software continues to improve tools to promote better customer experiences. CRM software are focusing more on personalization and providing the customer with a unique experience. This allows customers to feel directly connected to the brand. Moment comes with free email and message marketing that allows you to personalize your email and message campaigns to your leads and customer lists!

#3 - More Markets
Newer, smaller companies and younger marketers are starting to use CRM software. The industries that used CRMs the most were consulting, real estate, insurance and other big corporations. However, with the increased need for better conversion rates and customer engagement, more niche and smaller businesses are using CRMs to improve their sales and customer service. Smaller businesses, including mom-and-pop shops, are finally recognizing the value of having a CRM. Moment is the best CRM for a small business, and it’s 100% free, which is great for businesses with a smaller marketing budget.

The Best 2023 Free CRM: Moment CRM

Ultimately, CRMs are very important, especially in 2023, to improve sales, customer service, customer experiences, improve ROI, LTV and overall profitability. If your business is not using a CRM in 2023, it will lag behind competitors and all the other businesses that recognize the benefits of having a centralized database of customers, their key details and messages. CRMs come with many tools that can help your business. Moment comes with a free live chat, which is hooked up to your team’s unified inbox. This way your team can easily handle leads and customers in an efficient and collaborative way. Moment also comes with free session recording, message and email campaigns, user journeys and much more!

Try Moment today for free, so you can be ahead of your competitors in 2023, and provide your customers with the best experience and support ever!

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