How To Get More Organic Leads with a CRM and SEO in 2023

How To Get More Organic Leads with a CRM and SEO in 2023

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of organic lead generation for your business, 3 ways to integrate SEO and a CRM for leads, and finally the best free CRM to improve your organic lead generation!

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a set of techniques and processes used to make your business more visible on search engines such as Google. SEO is important for organic lead generation, as the higher your rank or visibility on SERP (search engine result pages), the more chances of getting an organic click and thus organic sales.  CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRMs are a tool to manage and nurture relationships with your customers. There are many benefits of using a CRM, it helps you understand your customers’ needs, increase sales efficiency, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

In 2023, CRMs and SEO will be even more important than before in generating leads organically. CRM software can help directly improve your website, improving your SEO, which we will discuss shortly, but it can also let you manage the leads you get organically or through paid traffic. Therefore, it's extremely important to have both a CRM and a solid SEO strategy to be ahead of your competition in 2023. Combining SEO with a CRM will increase your profits like never before.

Importance of Organic Leads for Business Growth

Organic leads are amazing for any business, it reduces your CAC (customer acquisition costs) as the leads were not paid for through advertising. Since they are organically finding your website through your SEO efforts, you can increase your profits drastically!  CRM and SEO can be combined to get more organic leads in 2023. By creating high-quality SEO content, you can attract more customers, and then nurture them through your CRM. You can also leverage social media platforms to generate these leads, in fact, they also impact your SEO, and have SEO-centric strategies within them. Finally, by establishing your brand awareness, you will indirectly improve your SEO, as you will have more backlinks, something which we will discuss in this blog as a bonus!

3 Ways To Integrate SEO and a CRM For Leads

Improving your SEO directly improves your website as a whole, by striving towards a perfect website and blog, you will improve your SEO, and vice-versa. This is because search engines such as Google want to display the fastest, most user-friendly and most useful websites on the first page. Therefore, by improving your SEO, not only will you get more organic traffic, but you will convert more website visitors into customers as well; since your website will be fully optimized!

Here are 3 ways you can integrate your CRM with SEO for more organic leads:

1. Having a Place to Store Leads

Using a CRM is extremely important for any business, as it is a central repository for your customers and prospects. Once you gain leads organically, or through paid media, you should have their details all saved on your CRM system. This allows you to nurture them, send them promotional emails or messages, and generally provide them with a better customer experience. A CRM also allows you to track customer interactions and store important data about their purchase history, preferences and interests. This helps your organization see insights about customer behaviour which can be used for marketing campaigns and product development. Additionally, it is easier to measure the success of a marketing campaign or initiative when all the relevant analytics are tracked from one central place. Ultimately, having SEO without a CRM will cause you to miss out on a lot of potential revenue.

2. Improving SEO With Session Recording

As discussed earlier, many SEO factors directly relate to your website’s performance such as: loading under a certain amount of time, content optimization, user-friendliness and mobile responsiveness. Not only will your website rank higher but you will also gain more customer trust, and will protect your brand’s reputation. So how should you optimize your website and landing page?

You can use Moment’s free session recording to A/B test your website. This allows you to only display the best version of your website, which will surely improve your SEO and also your conversion rates. With the recorded replays, you can see where your organic prospects are getting stuck, or which elements on your website are working well. By testing different content, your SEO will greatly improve, alongside your customer experience and conversion rates.

3. Realtime Communication with Organic Traffic

Another reason you should integrate your SEO strategy with a CRM system is that you can directly communicate with organic users in real-time. Moment comes with a free live chat widget that you can add to your website, very easily. This allows you to look out for important messages, and answer any questions a new prospect might have. It will also improve your SEO and page analytics, as more users will stay on your website for a longer period, while they’re in contact with your support team! By using Moment’s free live chat, you will be able to handle complaints, and also nurture organic leads in the future, since the chat is connected to your team’s unified inbox. This combined with SEO will help you close more leads in 2023.

BONUS: Get Backlinks With Message Automation

Although we were going to give you three tips, we have a bonus, and that is conducting a link-building strategy with a CRM! As you know, the more people link to your website or blog, the higher your chances of getting ranked on search engines. Many companies will pitch their blogs, or their guest posting service to other websites in order to receive a backlink. Lucky for you, Moment comes with free email and message automation! This allows you to personalize your outreach, and send them in bulk for ultimate efficiency, and increased open rates. You can also get customers or influencers to write testimonials about your product or service, in exchange for something, which can all be done with Moment as well. You should also check out this blog post for more free email marketing strategies.

Best Free CRM for SEO and Organic Leads

In conclusion, improving your SEO strategy is really important for increasing your organic traffic, leads and sales. When combined with a CRM in 2023, you will synergistically improve your website, branding, customer service, and the number of organic leads you will generate and close.

So which CRM should you use? The best free CRM for a small business is Moment. This is because Moment comes packed with multiple features in one, it’s not just a repository for your customers. Moment comes with free live chat widgets, connected to your team’s unified inbox, session recording and even free email and message automation; tools that will help your SEO and your business.

Try Moment risk-free, and improve your SEO and organic lead generation!

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